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Angst In A ChatGPT World

I’ve finally come to terms with ChatGPT. I have accepted that it is going to be a part of the future, a new reality that we all must embrace. So, I spent some time talking to this AI chatbot and the conversation was pretty enlightening and interesting.

I ended up asking the machine if we were all not on a quest of some sort. And here’s what the machine answered.

Myself: are we all on a quest?

ChatGPT: It's often said that we are all on a quest or a journey of some sort, whether it's a physical journey to a particular destination, or an internal journey of self-discovery and growth. The nature of the quest or journey may vary from person to person, but there are some common themes that tend to emerge.

One common theme is the search for meaning and purpose in life. Many people feel a sense of restlessness or discontentment, and are searching for something that will give their lives a sense of meaning and direction.

Another common theme is the search for inner peace and fulfillment. Many people feel a sense of emptiness or longing, and are searching for something that will fill that void and bring them a sense of joy and contentment.

Some people are on a quest for knowledge and understanding, seeking to learn more about the world and their place in it. Others are on a quest for adventure and excitement, seeking new experiences and challenges that will push them out of their comfort zone.

Ultimately, the nature of the quest or journey is deeply personal and unique to each individual. However, it's clear that the search for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment is a fundamental part of the human experience, and one that many of us are engaged in to some degree.

Now, wasn’t that an eye-opening response? Even the AI chatbot recognises the angst we feel as a species!

Movies and books are replete with examples of an angst-ridden central character looking for peace, purpose, and direction.

Some die while trying to find it, others turn into spiritual gurus, a few others give up, and some end their lives because the sheer banality of existence really is enough to send a person over the brink.

We’re all looking for fulfilment. We’re all looking for purpose and we’re all searching for meaning.

That’s why I set up this blog in the first place.

I wanted to understand why is it that we collectively feel like this at some point in our lives?

It’s an indescribable feeling, which I will attempt to capture simply. We feel empty, as though we have been separated from someone so dearly beloved or something so satisfying that the pain of separation and the longing to be reunited is amplified within our souls to the point that it causes a pit of emptiness.

I’ve felt that feeling many times. It’s like staring into an abyss and looking at nothing but a blackness. It’s what astronauts feel when they go into outer space.


Irrevocably and endlessly alone.

I’ve heard people argue all the time about God and while I don’t know how to prove he exists, this awful feeling that something isn’t quite right with me, always points me to a belief in a Higher Power.

There is a God, there must be, because the absence of God’s presence is felt by every human being. We all sense that gaping void and we look for myriad ways to fill it.

At the end, we ask, is there more than this? Was this really worth living for?

I encourage you, if you haven’t questioned anything in your life, do so now. You’ll be surprised at the difference we can make just by talking about how we feel about angst. It could lead to some surprising discoveries!

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